Have Questions?

Any concerns, requests or questions if not covered below feel free to use contact form and we will happily assist.

All our trade workers are fully licensed, insured and professional in carrying out jobs that have been carefully assessed, evaluated and checked through risk management. In the unfortunate instances of unavoidable incidents the trading professionals, those in proximity to any jobs delivered and our clients are protected by liability insurance.

Rest assured during the evaluation and consultancy period depending on the service being delivered the warranty coverage will be discussed in the unlikely event a job has to be revisited.

All confirmed jobs will be communicated via email, text and phone calls with name of those carrying out jobs and can be confirmed via I.D upon arrival or with a phone call to us.

Yes, we have a dedicated team that is available for those unfortunate emergencies and quotes will be evaluated either upon arrival or after completion depending on nature of job.

All jobs can be initiated through our online contact form or via phone calls. We will confirm via emails or an agreed medium after initial consultation or quote is delivered.